The Batu Caves in Malaysia

” Alright everyone there are two rules number one is have fun, number two is don’t bring up to the caves.”OK” we all yelled as we hopped of the bus.

I was so excited I forgot to put my bag of chips into the rubbish bin just before our team were halfway up the stairs and that turned out to be a Huge mistake. As I was strolling up the stairs… an enormous monkey was about one meter away and it looked like it was going to rip my ears of and tear out my hair. So I sprinted down the stairs and dumped the bag of chips straight down the bin with one big push.

As I tiredly made my way up the stairs the monkey looked like it was still staring at me. I’m glad though that it wasn’t looking at me because one of person on my team, a kid called Connor made the exact same mistake as me but he didn’t put his bag of chips in the bin. He was kind of annoyed that he couldn’t eat his chips anymore but the monkey could.

Once we got to the top of about 300 steps we made it!. It was beautiful, a tremendous piece of nature I could have taken pictures all week long. If people think monkeys are cute and cuddly: get a phyciatrist! these monkey are vicious and scary. One of the reasons I hate monkeys in Malaysia is because the monkeys carry Rabies, a deadly disease spread by animals like Bats and monkeys. First you get bitten, then after a couple of days you start to go mad, running in circles and trying to spread the disease by biting you.

Its sort of like a zombie trying to kill you in video games and horror movies.

After the half an hour of breath taking views of the caves we decided to head back down the stone carved stairs jagged stairs to the exit. Once we got on that bus , the next stop, the Water park.

Packing for Singapore

On the 7th of October i’m going over to Singapore and Kuala Lumpur {the capital of Malaysia} for 5 nights in each place.

I am really looking forward to the trip because it’ll be the first time I go to these two countries and experience their culture, rugby, heat and especially the fun.

The problem in Singapore and Malaysia is the intense heat. You sweat from walking, if you walk for an hour you can lose 1.5 litres of fluids from your body, you can collapse at any moment. Another thing is the trip from Auckland to Singapore takes about 10 and 1/2 hours. The best thing to in a long trip on a plane is to stand up and stretch your legs every once in a while so it doesn’t make the blood in your body clog up.

My team have their own uniforms/ tracksuits to wear before and after the games.

So everyone comment on my blog to wish me  Luck!!

My Rugby Tournament In 2011

“Ambros get out of bed now!!”






 “Ok just let me get my things ready”.

 It was a cold freezing morning not the best time to get out of bed, but I couldn’t sleep in because I had to get ready for a rugby tournament inLower Hutt. Firstly we had to travel over to the Train station and wait for everyone else in Paraparaumu who were in the Horowhenua- Kapiti team, then we had to survive the one hour long drive over the hill.

 Once that trip was over, we had to weigh in. My weight was 49.6kg, 4.4kgs under the weight limit. ½ an hour later we had to get ready for our rugby game against the Western Bays. Our coaches are quite strict so he pushes everyone just below our limit, whether it’s in the extreme cold or the boiling heat, he’ll always test our dedication.  

 “Beeppppp!!!” the whistle blew for the kick off, I was quite nervous though considering the team we were versing had one of my friends who used to keep beating me in the sprints for athletics. It was hard to keep tackling the winger I was marking because when he ran, he always had his knees high in the air. I was afraid of him because every time I was facing him; I would pray for his knees not to smack me in the face.

 With 5 minutes of the game left, the other team must’ve managed to break the line which sucked because we were winning by a conversion. After woods our coaches were chewing us out because our useless 2nd five missed the tackle that broke through the line and got a runaway try.

 Luckily, we had our Top 10 holiday resort to look forward to. Once we got there, it was paradise without the hot sun and a pool. It had a giant pillow, two Trampolines, and even little Go Karts that you could ride around the park. My room mates were Bowen, Jack and Sean.

 The next day we had to settle to get out of bed a 7:00am so we could get all of our gear ready for the next game, againstWellington. We had to win our next game to have a chance to win the trophy for the tournament. Our coach, Justin was psyching us out so we were ready to smash the other team.

 At the kick off our team just ran over top of them when they got the ball. With so much morale, we won lineouts, scrums and ruck’s and mauls. At the end, of the game everyone gave us a huge amount of applause because we won the game.

 Once we drove back to the resort to get our swimming gear on because we were going all the way over to theUpper Hutth2o pools. I had never been there before so I was so psyched. It had so many types of hydro slides, pools, these rubber rings that you could jump on, and even a lazy river. My three favourite things were the Speed slides that go straight down, but they give you a wedgie afterwards, the next thing I enjoyed was the lazy river, it just made you travel down it. The only way to stop was you had to grab the side rails and slowly move forward.

 But my favourite thing was when the waves started to smash against the wall. The only problem with that was the walls were hard, so when you were by a wall your body would be pounded by the waves.


After the awesome time we had to head home which was a bummer considering I enjoyed it. When we were driving home one person in my team, Jack started singing, and everyone else was dumbfounded because he was actually pretty good.


Once we got back from the H2o pools I just felt like going straight to sleep because I was so exhausted. About ½ an hour later dinner was cooked up, we had Macaroni cheese. It was the one of the best things I had ever tasted. We also had apple crumble for pudding which was quite nice too.


After the extremely delicious meals the All Blacks were versing,Australia. The Aussies said they had a great team that would challenge us. Long story short, we thrashed them. I think the score was something like 40-25 I’m not 100% sure but I’m pretty sure the score was something like that.


After a horrible sleep, we had to get ready for our final game, against the best under 12 team…HuttValley, if we won this we would had won the giant trophy. To cut another long story short, we got wasted 64-0. We didn’t win the trophy but at least we didn’t come last.

 A few minutes later we had to run all the way to the Petone rugby club, where they gaveHuttValleyunder 12 and the Horowhenua-Kapiti under 13s there trophies. Soon after they gave everyone a delicious bread roll and a and a cardboard box full of juice.

 Therefore, after that experience I just want to do that thing again as long as we win the giant trophy

Three Places I Recommend

My first place I recommend is a amazing trip over to Kapiti island. The reason I recommend this place is because of its stunning views, dense bush and especially the native birds on the island. This is not the best idea for people who get sea sick though.

My second place I recommend going to is Lindale, it is not far from the highway and it sells out delicious ice cream, amazing flavoured lollies, and sells sherbet which is the most multi-flavoured thing EVER. That place has even a giant cheese made out of wood that you can play in.

My last place I have to mention is the Southward car muesum its got the earliest 20th century cars from the oldest Rolls Royce to the Delorean. You may need to save your pocket money because you may need some to buy small scale models of the cars in there.

If  you are having a holiday at Kapiti coast come to these adventurous places, they are perfect for entertaining the family. For more Information look at this site.

My Hobo Story

H Day 013

My name is Hudson Hordeni I used to live in Italy but now I flat with Hinemin Hudgens, Jimmy, Hanky, Yanky, and Harson Wood. My childhood was not as good as an average childs life. I was bullied, tortured and forced to dunk my head in the toilet by kids who were older, taller and faster then me. My parents spilt up and I had to live with my dad on the poor side of town. The good news was that we had the appliances we needed, the bad news was they were mostly from the $2 shop. Later on in winter we had to move out of our house. We had to steal food from supermarkets and we had to beg for money. 10 years later my dad was shot and killed by a 50 calibre bullet by cops who caught him stealing sandwiches. I couldn’t have a proper funeral so I just threw him in the nearest river. I needed to get out of the country so I snuck into a briefcase at the airport and flew of to New Zealand. My dreams told me to go to a place called Weka park  in this place called Raumati. So I stole a police car and drove of to destination.In about 10 mins I crashed the car so I walked over there. Now I live in a box with the other hobos and I’ve never looked back, except when mice go in my pants when I’m sleeping.

My name is Hudson Hordeni, I am a Hobo.

My Favourite Game!!

Some people think that Halo Reach or Flashpoint Red River are the best games in the world but I disagree the best game I enjoy is Call Of Duty Black OPs.

From a HUGE varity of modes including Multiplayer and Zombies. Call of Duty Black OPs is a action-packed game with explosions, shooting and even Helicopters flying down to the streets impaling them with machine gun bullets and much more. 

From Nova gas to FRAG grenades, from Tomahawks to Flashbangs, Call of Duty Black OPs is the game ANYONE wants to get.


bad buuny

The bunny is back!! On the 24th of April. I can’t wait because its only a couple of weeks away. My favourite easter egg I like is the ‘Great White Shark’ egg its HUGE, bigger then my head and bigger then a keyboard COMBINED. Easter is one of my favourite celebrations. Plus I can’t wait till the Easter bunny gives me chocolate eggs for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

If you want to , come comment about the… EASTER BUNNY!!



Attribution: By jpockele

The Worst Birthday Present EVER!!

It was a nice sunny day a great time for my birthday. I was biking up to school when….. “SMASH!!” a car went flying out of the driveway right in front of me I couldn’t stop so I had to brace myself in a quarter of a second. My bike tire hit the cars tire, I flew onto the bonnet and hit the gravel footpath. I was in to much shock to cry, then I noticed heaps of blood coming out from my shin. I looked down and had a big laceration, in other words my leg had split open. Luckily the lady who I ACCIDENTLY hit put me into her car and drove me of to the doctors.

I was immediately gone into one of the rooms and sat on the bed. I told the staff where my mum was so they contacted her and she was there in a couple of minutes. They stabbed about 5 needles into my shin, so that made my leg numb so I didn’t have to bear the horrible pain. A few minutes later The doctor measure the wound, it was a amazing EIGHTcm wide and I needed nine stiches for the split.

So thats my story about why I wasn’t at school for my birthday, or anywhere else for that matter.

The Japan Tragedy

Did anyone here? Japan  just had a 8.9 earthquake on the richter scale. They also have a 10 meter tsunami ravaging anything in its path. The tsunami has passed through Hawaii, Guam, Papua New Guinea and have destroyed many boats in the Pacific coasts of islands and also boats in crippled the west coast of USA. Also a man was swept away because he didn’t listen to the warnings.

The funny part is Japan is the earthquake capital of the world! but they definitely weren’t prepared for this devsastating earthquake. I just hope that the people of Japan manage to repair all of the chaos and I hope they do it quick because i’m going to Japan for rugby.