The Batu Caves in Malaysia

” Alright everyone there are two rules number one is have fun, number two is don’t bring up to the caves.”OK” we all yelled as we hopped of the bus.

I was so excited I forgot to put my bag of chips into the rubbish bin just before our team were halfway up the stairs and that turned out to be a Huge mistake. As I was strolling up the stairs… an enormous monkey was about one meter away and it looked like it was going to rip my ears of and tear out my hair. So I sprinted down the stairs and dumped the bag of chips straight down the bin with one big push.

As I tiredly made my way up the stairs the monkey looked like it was still staring at me. I’m glad though that it wasn’t looking at me because one of person on my team, a kid called Connor made the exact same mistake as me but he didn’t put his bag of chips in the bin. He was kind of annoyed that he couldn’t eat his chips anymore but the monkey could.

Once we got to the top of about 300 steps we made it!. It was beautiful, a tremendous piece of nature I could have taken pictures all week long. If people think monkeys are cute and cuddly: get a phyciatrist! these monkey are vicious and scary. One of the reasons I hate monkeys in Malaysia is because the monkeys carry Rabies, a deadly disease spread by animals like Bats and monkeys. First you get bitten, then after a couple of days you start to go mad, running in circles and trying to spread the disease by biting you.

Its sort of like a zombie trying to kill you in video games and horror movies.

After the half an hour of breath taking views of the caves we decided to head back down the stone carved stairs jagged stairs to the exit. Once we got on that bus , the next stop, the Water park.

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